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San Domenico Stringed Instruments
Pic above: is NOT San Dom RC headquarters but is actually San Domenico in Taormina, Italy but hey ho, we can dream... Pic right is the San Dom shop in Pontcanna, Cardiff


Chances are, if you live or run around Pontcanna in Cardiff you've probably gone straight past a painted shop on Cathedral Road/Kings Road junction with with words 'San Domenico Stringed Instruments'. You may never have noticed it but this fantastic gem of a shop has dealt with restoring violins for clients all over the world and is where the running club got it's name!

Owned by Howard Morgan, one of the club's  founders, the name originated from the fact that the most sought-after instruments were those made in Cremona, Italy, between the late 16th and early 18th centuries by renowned craftsmen from the Amati, Guarneri, Ruggeri and Bergonzi families as well as those made by the world-famous Antonio Stradivari. Many of these had their workshops in the Piazza San Domenico in Italy.

The club started in the 80's and both Howard and his son have found a love in both running and music. We're continuing to add to the San Dom story- if you have any insights or picture of previous members from the early days of the club, get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!

Kevin Wilkinson 1992 San Domenico
San Domenico vintage pic

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We're on the lookout for any old images of club members, socials and and blasts from the past. If you have anything, we'd love to hear from you.

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