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San Dom 10/20 Miler - Advice

Updated: Mar 9

If you're heading to Merthyr this Sunday, here's a few tips to help plan your morning..

Whether you're running our 10 or 20 miler race, we want you to enjoy the event and get the best out of all the training and prep you've put in beforehand.

1.Check the race page, in particular the FAQ section Our club volunteers are on hand to help in the morning but if you're not sure if head phone are allowed, or if you can drop off a bag, the FAQ and answers can help you plan before getting to Merthyr. Registration and number collection etc will be open from 8am and is only a short walk from the start and car park.

2. Bring some cash There are plenty of eateries close if a cheeky McDonalds pre or post running is your thing, then you're in luck. However, the cafe in the leisure centre will be open for business on the morning and they'd welcome the support in particular (plus we highly recommend their proximity to the prize giving area!). They have advised it will be CASH only so please bring actual monies with you. Thank you!

3. Take photos, share your run

We'd love you to tag us in your socials..whether it's an epic view you catch when on the course, a relieved selfie over the finish or even your post run reward, we'd love to be part of your day. Tag us @SANDOMENICO_RC and use the hashtag #SanDom2010

4. Keep an eye on the weather forecast March is typically unpredictable and you may be out for some time so plan your race kit accordingly. For some of you, that may mean adding a pair of thin gloves to a mere vest and shorts, others may prefer a more layered approach. The weather forecast is looking ok at the moment but check the night before and get kit, equipment and anything else you need laid out or packed ready to go.

5. And finally..relax and enjoy the run

2 female runners in black and white vests, smiling as they take part in the San Domenico 20 and 10 Mile Race in March

As fellow athletes (ahem), yeah we get it..the pre race nerves kick in, there's the niggling feeling that maybe you could have done more (but it was a VERY rainy Feb and the nights have been soooo dark). But you've made it; you're on the start line and ready to go. Whether your looking to PB on the course, run your longest distance as part of your training plan or supporting a friend on the day...please pat yourself on the back, enjoy the fresh air and have a blast amongst like minded runners. We'll see you there. Team San Domenico!

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